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Hunter X Core 6 Station Outdoor Controller

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Residential Control Starter Solution for Advanced Water Savings.

This entry-level residential controller offers simple operation with Solar Sync compatibility. With easy-to-configure control for up to 8 stations, including 3 programs and 4 start times each, the X-Core is the perfect solution for residential applications. Install the revolutionary Solar Sync ET sensor to regulate irrigation run times based on locally measured weather. X-Core is also compatible with Hunter remotes for quick, wireless activation of irrigation. Installation, operation, and maintenance are designed to be simple while still delivering optimal efficiency and reliability.


  • Number of stations: 4, 6, 8.
  • Type: Fixed
  • Enclosures: Indoor and outdoor
  • Independent programs: 3
  • Start times per program: 4
  • Max. station run time: 4 hours
  • Easy Retrieve Memory
  • Hunter Quick Check
  • Programmable Rain Delay
  • Sensor Bypass
  • Delay Between Stations
  • Cycle and Soak
  • Warranty period: 2 years


  • Transformer input: 120 VAC or 240 VAC (international model)
  • Transformer output: (24 VAC): 1 A
  • Station output: (24 VAC): 0.56 A
  • Pump/master valve: (24 VAC): 0.28 A
  • Sensor inputs: 1


  • Indoor Model: Height: 16.5 cm x Width: 14.6 cm x Depth: 5 cm
  • Outdoor Model: Height: 22 cm x Width: 17.8 cm x Depth: 9.5 cm

  • Model: HI-XC601A
  • Shipping Weight: 2.2kgs
  • Manufactured by: Hunter Industries

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Kommer Springvloed
4 of 5 Stars
It took a bit longer then my previous controller to program. However, it gave me far more options and I could set it up exactly for the days and times I needed. I found only one negative. The display is too small and should be backlit. At certain times of the day I need a torch to be able to read what it says.
David Wadley
5 of 5 Stars
simple to install - simple to program. I also bought the solar sync (wireless version). Here is a tip for those who are installing the sensor...remember to take out the metal bridging part otherwise it will appear that the module is not working. Here is a picture to what I am talking about
Tracy wilkes
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent value! Very easy to use. Have recomended to my neighbours
John Tighe
4 of 5 Stars
Just received and installed the Controller. The handbook is a little vague and in the end had to contact Bidgee to clarify the programming. They steered me in the direction of the Youtube videos from Hunter Industries and after watching them everything became clear. Now it is a simple operation to program. Value for money it is a great controller and would recommend it. I would also highly recommend Bidgee Pumps and Irrigation for their prompt and friendly service, both pre purchase and post purchase.
Nathan Eulenstein
5 of 5 Stars
A great compact controller with more than enough features to keep the garden green. Also a great competitive price.
Murray Withers
5 of 5 Stars
This controller is so simple for any non techno mug to instal and use. The options on it means you can go away for a couple of months, and regardless of the weather you can program it with the aid of a rain detector RainClik, your watering will be done effectively

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