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Grundfos UPS32-80N 180mm 240V Circulator Pump S/Steel Body

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We use these to pump temperature-controlled water through a reticulated system as part of a research trial. Each pump sends water through 30 m of 50 mm DWV, then 20 lots of 1 m 13 mm poly before returning to the reservoir via another 30 m of DWV. The pumps return water to the reservoir at a rate of 1 to 1.5 litres per second.

The pumps are prone to overheating if installed horizontally. However, installed vertically (correctly, according to the instructions) we have had them running without fault at surface temperatures up to 50 degrees C. Similar experiments using older models have run these pumps for two months straight.
Date Added: 21/09/2011 by Simon Clarke