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Davey TT45 Torrium 2 Controller

Call for Price

What a God send! Being in the country and using tank water, we had a lot of problems with the hot water supply to the shower. The hot water system is solar and during the summer months the water is nice and hot but when you try and restrict it to a low flow in the shower, the pressure pump would cut in and out, thus providing a hot and cold shower. Under extreme pressure from all and sundry, I finally had to tackle the issue and after some investigation, decided to upgrade the Hydra Scan controller to the T45 Torrium Controller. Why it took me so long to do so, I will never know! The flow now is perfect and there are a few happy people in the house at the moment.

The controller was easy to fit, the only problem being that the outlet is slightly higher than the old Hydra Scan controller. This required a little "adjustment" to a few pieces of hardware, but all in all, it was all replaced and back working in about half an hour.

Well worth the discounted price and, it was dispatched half an hour after I ordered it and delivered across the country over the weekend! Where we are located, it is rare to get service like that at the best of times!
Date Added: 03/04/2011 by Phil Minchin